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Family claims KDF Spokesperson Owuoth is missing, officer says he is okay
By AR | Updated Aug 01, 2017 at 15:28 EAT
Colonel Joseph Owuoth says he is okay
  • KDF Spokesperson was given compulsory leave after confirming NASA allegations
  • Joseph Owuoth last spoke to his sister Elizabeth - went silent once he reached Nakuru

It has been barely two weeks since the National Super Alliance (NASA) issued a statement – suggesting the alleged involvement of the military forces in the upcoming elections.

According to gubernatorial aspirant Prof. Anyang Nyong’o, KDF Spokesperson Colonel Joseph Owuoth had gone missing.

Owuoth is the same person that confirmed NASA’s statement, saying that there was indeed military training taking place in preparation for the elections.

Nyong'o claimed Owuoth was ordered to go on compulsory leave right after issuing the statement – confirming NASA’s allegations. He was also ordered not to talk to the press and planned to go to his home in Koru.

He was in constant communication with his sister Elizabeth, whom he told everything he was ordered to do by his employers.

He then boarded a public transport vehicle in Nairobi while in constant communication with his sister.

Owuoth went silent once he reached Nakuru (or assumed to have reached Nakuru), never to be heard from again.

This was all according to Gubernatorial aspirant Anyang Nyongo.

Joseph Owuoth has however swept away claims that he is missing, saying that he is fine and at work.

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