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What Unga crisis? - If only Kenyans would have learnt this trick earlier
By Collins Ambuli, Cynthia Owiti | Updated Jun 18, 2017 at 08:13 EAT
Man in crowd seems frustrated by Unga crisis

After the government announced that it had solved the food crisis by importing maize from Mexico and setting the price of a 2kg packet at Sh90 Kenyans were happy.

Little did we know that our joy was short lived. I was surprised when shopping for maize flour in a supermarket to find a notice that I should only pick one. The next one I visited required shoppers to buy the 2kg maize flour and a kilo of sugar.

Importation of maize is a short term strategy as the stocks are quickly running out. The government needs to come up with viable policies to ensure food security.

The prolonged drought in the country should be a wake up to Kenyans to engage in agriculture following the onset of rains. Most areas have vast land which should be put under farming to end reliance on food donations.

Farmers should embrace modern farming techniques to increase their yield as this is key to food security. In arid areas residents should plant drought resistant crops as this will ensure food supply throughout the year.

Let the government expand irrigation schemes, educate Kenyans on best farming practices and avail subsided farm inputs.

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