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Jubilee party planning massive Filimbi Movement
By Jay S. | Updated Jun 11, 2017 at 12:02 EAT
Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria

Jubilee party leadership might not afford to let their supporters sleep until late on the August 8 elections while their counterparts in NASA are ever chanting being ‘10 million strong’, exuding confidence in emerging victors.

This probably is the reason some Jubilee campaign handymen led by Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria are planning to use whistles to make sure all everyone is awake to participate in the exercise.

On Saturday, Mr Kuria revealed that the ruling party has plans to buy at least one million whistles that will be supplied all over the country to the local areas so as to help get their supporters out of bed for elections.

He said the strategy was to ensure no one overslept to an extent they forget to vote for President Uhuru and shall be funded by the party resources.

“We will make their 10Millon strong analogy a dream by being awake and showing them the difference between chants of 10Millions supporters and having them in the ballot box. We will make out numbers votes for the president,” said Kuria in an interview at a local radio.

He youth will be issued with the whistles which the will blow in quick succession as from 4:00am so that by the time polling stations are opened two hours later, there are crowds ready cast for the president.

 “In my constituency, I will walk to the polling station while blowing it loud at 4:00am and our campaign will be easy if we ensure everyone in our strongholds vote,” he added.

“It is not the first time they are complaining of our numbers and our influence. If those who understand the language am speaking, (Agikuyu) turn out to vote for President Uhuru Kenyatta from wherever they are, we will have obtained 38 percent of the votes in the country,” he said.

 He said with votes from the Deputy President’s community, they will have clocked 48 percent and that they were only hunting for three percent from other regions which they were sure the president could get more and thus their 70+1 victory target.

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