Literates and marijuana on campus

Literates and marijuana on campus
Students easily obtain drugs

Getting a prohibited drug as Marijuana in campus is like getting bread from a shop.

It’s that easy. Why? Students are too bright for the cops? Maybe, maybe not but this drug is largely misused in higher learning institutions and it results to students getting lost into substance abuse.

They become violent, lose focus and forget the sole purpose as to why they’re in school.

An average typical third year student uses marijuana at least every day.

I have a friend who uses it every morning for him to have a “great day”.

It’s nearly called addiction but wait he says he’s not addicted, it’s just the love for ‘the mavelas’ as he calls it.

There is little law enforcement on campus and drug business people definitely appreciate this fact.

Little is done to control the few addicted students and those who regularly using illegal drugs in most campuses.

Observably, one out of 50 students in most campuses drop out of school due to the misuse of marijuana and other illicit substance as bhang.

 As much as it sounds like a small number, we may be losing a president, great entrepreneur or someone who really could have a great impact on our country.

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