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Chama Cha Mashinani supporters clash days before party nominations
By Jefferson Kipkemoi | Updated Apr 16, 2017 at 13:58 EAT

Chama Cha Mashinani supporters in Sigor Bomet county clashed on Thursday just moments before its leader Isaac Ruto arrived for a rally to drum up support for the party ahead of August 8th General Election.

Supporters of two party aspirants for nominations for Chepalungu constituency MP ticket Mr. Gideon Koskei (Sonko) and Mr. Victor Koech (Mandazi) clashed at the venue as the two await who will be chosen for the party ticket on 19th April’s party nominations.

According to a supporter of Mr. Koskei, the rivalry between his preferred candidate and Mr. Koech are likely to spark more difference among members of the Chepalungu community who perceive Mr. Koech’s late entry as a spoiler for Mr. Koskei’s chance to clinch the seat from Jubilee’s incumbent MP Mr. Paul Bii.

“We do not understand how Koech came to the party recently with an aim to vie for the position of MP yet all along we knew Mr. Koskei is the unchallenged aspirant for the CCM party in Chepalungu.” Mr. Joseph Langat who hails from Sigor said.

Mr. Lang’at suggested that the governor should urge the two to reign on their supporters if peaceful nominations in the constituency are to be witnessed.

However, for Governor Ruto the status of his party nominations in Chepalungu constituency is not the only dilemma he is facing now, recent opinion polls on the region’s gubernatorial race has him worried over a likely uphill task to retain his seat.

The opinion polls by Infotrak show that Governor Ruto and his opponent in Jubilee Dr. Joyce Laboso who is also the deputy speaker of National Assembly and MP for Sotik constituency are neck to neck with Mr. Ruto at 38.9% with Dr. Laboso at 37.7% while Dr. Julius Kones who is also seeking Jubilee ticket is ranked at a measly 7.3% winning rates if a general election was to be conducted now.

Governor Ruto has since dismissed the polls saying they were “doctored to hoodwink Bomet residents” into believing that Jubilee was a force in the region prior to the next General Election.

“The polls are propaganda meant to hoodwink residents to vote in Jubilee aspirants in the next general elections but I urge you let’s ignore this polls.” Governor Ruto said on Wednesday at Sigor High school.

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