A former Citizen TV anchor Johnson Mwakazi hints about what kills people's dreams

A former Citizen TV anchor Johnson Mwakazi hints about what  kills people's dreams
Johnson Mwakazi
First and foremost Mwakazi admitted that the mind is so powerful and we really need enough time to talk about it and realise its potential. According to him, them mind has the power to kill your dreams or make them blossom depending on how you use it.He also said that if as a person you lost your mind someone else will have to take care of you.“We have amazing young talented people who unfortunately are wasting away simply because they are not taking care of their mind.They are getting into drugs, all sorts of addiction and watching things that end up destroying them, killing their imagination and creativity,” said Mwakazi.He said that in many cases there is little investments in the mind such that there is no great output of productivity.“ You know if our mind power was equated to a dynamite, some people’s mind power will not be able to blow their noses,” he added.In addition, he said that we all live in different situations some good some bad ones.So when in a difficult situation don’t struggle to change the situation but change the way you think about that situation.Lastly, he said you should not to think of what other peoples have and you don’t have because by so doing you are wasting a precious time you could have used to get what you really want.“ Any time you engage in gossip, envy, jealous and all those bad thoughts you are killing your mind and when your mind is killed your dreams, your goals and everything you want to do is wasted.

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