Hypocrisy of Jubilee raiding NASA regions

We are heading for a very tense General Election in August where the incumbent Jubilee is determined to have a decisive victory and the challenger NASA is out to prove he has the numbers and the will to occupy the top seat.

Kenya is almost equally divided between those supporting either side hence the need to "raid" each other's stronghold to tip the balance in their your favor.

 We have seen lately political scientists claim crowds don't vote especially when NASA draws big crowds and claim they are tipping NASA regions when Jubilee holds rallies in these areas.

Over the weekend I witnessed a spectacle in Mombasa where the president went over and accused the governor and leaders in the region of poor leadership and a bogus development record.

He asked the residents to abandon these people and seek development and better future in Jubilee.

We saw the huge crowds that had gathered to listen to the President’s speech but later on we started seeing videos of residents being bribed to go attend these rallies which bring us back to the statement of huge crowds don’t translate into votes, and especially when you have to bribe them to turn up for your rally.

The most hypocritical action that took place was when the president received NASA defectors, leaders who were appointed to their positions on ODM tickets in 2013 and the very same people who the President had earlier accused of having a poor development /leadership record.

 Wholeheartedly welcoming them into jubilee and telling the crowds that now they will see the fruits of being in Government.

If Jubilee was serious on their claim of incompetent leadership then why accept these nonperforming politicians into their party instead of presenting Kenyans with a better option?

Is the President trying to have his cake and eat it at the same time? by accusing them of poor leadership while presenting them as the solution when they abandon the opposition?