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Sonko and Peter Kenneth supporters clash as Kenneth condemns the incident
By Paul Barasa | Updated Feb 27, 2017 at 13:23 EAT
Peter Kenneth has condemned Sonko's supporters for attacking him in Dagorretti South when supporters of the two politicians clashed yesterday. ​Speaking on Sunday after the clashes Peter Kenneth said that he is free to tour any region of the city and ask for votes as a Kenyan.According to Peter Kenneth, vote hunt is a competition, not a battle.He said it was wrong for Sonko’s bodyguards to use their guns do disperse his supporters. He further termed the move as a desperation for Sonko as he sought election as the Nairobi Governor.“It is very unfair for guns to be fired in a football match, we have seen some minutes of madness but that won’t scare me,” said Peter Kenneth.Sonko on the other hand denied claims that he incited his supporters to disrupt Peter Kenneth’s meeting. He blamed Peter Kenneth for inciting the youth to throw at him stones.The area MP Dennis Waweru who had accompanied Mike Sonko echoed Sonko sentiments saying that Peter Kenneth has disrupted peace inciting youth to attack them.Waweru father said that Peter Kenneth was in the opposition during the last General Election and he has come to Jubilee to cause disunity.According to him, Jubilee has known peace until recently when Peter Kenneth joined them and brought with him the art of violence to their camp.“We know where they have come from, they have been in the opposition in 2013 and that is where they have probably brought the bad habit of throwing stones,” said Waweru.This comes a day after a section of Jubilee MPs urged the two aspirants to iron out their differences and work together as a team if they want to oust Kidero.

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