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A bodaboda operator haunted for taking part in killing witchcraft suspects
By Paul Barasa | Updated Feb 26, 2017 at 10:18 EAT

A bodaboda operator from Omukonge village in Nyamira County has admitted that he has never had peace of after taking part in the Killing witchcraft suspects.

According to him he always sees the ghosts of the two women they killed through mob justice. He further revealed that it has been hard for him to sleep at night for fear of encountering the ghosts.The man, also said that at times he contemplates committing suicide because of the torment he is going through.He said all this started a week after the death of the two women. In mid-January him and other bodaboda operators in Nyamira South killed the two women by burning them.According to them, the two women had allegedly killed a number of people in the area and bewitched others.The two women were said to leaders of witches in the area who coordinated all witchcraft activities in the region.The bodaboda operators ransacked their houses and found books with a list dead people’s names. According to them, the names of those who had died were marked. This made them believe that they were behind the deaths of the listed people.Nyakundi further revealed that they burnt their houses and those that belong to other suspects who fled for their safety during the incident.Cases of people killing witchcraft suspects in the county have been on an increase.However, security personnel and other leaders have always urged the residents to report such cases to the police and desist from taking the law into their own hands.


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