Find Your Purpose in Life

In your careers, you are mostly valued because of your money or influence.You are accorded respect, doors are held for you, your tea is served in a ceramic cup and delivered to your working station.

You have a good number of incoming calls and emails. People believe you can do extraordinary things even when you are clueless.

This gives you a feeling of invincibility and an unexplained aura of confidence that seem to ooze everywhere you go. This confidence infects everyone on your way and the result is either great attraction or resentment in equal measures.

 You feel fulfilled and that you are finally realizing your true purpose in life.

However, when your fortune takes a downwards turn by either retiring, losing your job or being asked to step aside, you finally realize that it’s not you who is valued but the position you hold.

 The ceramic cup for your tea now become a Styrofoam cup. The delivery guy is no longer there, and you have to hustle your way to the dispenser.

Your phone calls dry up even to a point that you have to check if your phone is accidentally on a flight mode or off. Our fortunes nosedive.

Even those that you helped when times were good also walk away from you. They actually were attached to you because it was of benefit to them.

This makes us feel indignant and vulnerable. The vulnerability pushes us to our loved ones and the “friends” we created when we were at the top.

Unfortunately, these “friends” find it convenient to avoid you. Without a proper social and financial mechanism to keep you going, you break down.

It is therefore high time you find your purpose in life of avoiding thriving on validation from other people.

When the validation is not forthcoming, you are bound to harbor feelings of jealousy, hate, and envy to those who seem to have it easy. You are even tempted to eliminate competition rather than compete.

What is the purpose of life? Metaphysicists will explain that but for sure, the purpose and meaning of human life is the cognition of God.