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MPs and MCAs should take 50 per cent pay cut, no bodyguards and receive no free car grant
By Boniface Mwangi | Updated Jan 23, 2017 at 15:04 EAT

January 19, 2017 marked two years after Kenyans reclaimed a public playground. Pupils of Lang'ata Primary School continue to use their playground as a result of #OccupyPlayGround, a clear example of what a united people can achieve. I have always challenged our leaders for their bad decisions and poor governance. I have done this as an active citizen and a patriot. It is time to take the fight to Parliament, where we, the people, need our voice heard.

We need to cut down on the so-called 'privileges' of parliamentarians. We need to ensure the delivery of basic constitutional rights to the people of Kenya. A reduction of these privileges can be actualised if we all demand that those vying in 2017 be willing to take a 50 per cent pay-cut, have no bodyguards and receive no free car grant.

Scrap the private medical cover all politicians get. How else would they improve the health sector if they never interact with it? They should be registered for National Hospital Insurance Fund and should receive medical care in public facilities in the country.

Public servants should set an example. A pay cut is an example of how public servants who earn more than they should can ensure that more money is available for education and our teachers, for health and our doctors and for the police who guarantee our security. The media should push to make MPs, MCAs, and senators' 50 per cent pay-cut part of the agenda during this campaign period. President Uhuru Kenyatta and CORD chief Raila Odinga should also make the pay-cut agenda part of their manifestos.

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