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Did Bungoma County Governor Ken Lusaka play his cards well?
By Nelson Mandela | Updated Jan 23, 2017 at 13:35 EAT
Ahead of August general elections, politicians both the debutants and incumbents are positioning themselves strategically to clinch various seats in the forthcoming General Elections. Some have already hopped from one party to the other so that they can remain relevant during forthcoming elections.
The latest moves that have been trending the Kenyan mainstream media is that of the former Secretary General of TNA party Onyango Oloo and that of Bungoma County Governor Ken Lusaka of defecting from Jubilee party.The truth of the matter is that no voter is consulted during such moves. In fact, Bungoma County residents felt neglected in making major political decisions. It will not be a surprise if a party can have a leader who is unable to amass votes from his backyard after joining a given coalition as an equal partner.Kenya’s politics has always been based on ethical background. Although Mr. Lusaka had earlier on dissolved his New Ford Kenya party and merged with Jubilee party.Could it be that shortly after dissolving his party and joining Jubilee party he lost the support of his followers on the ground? If so, was he driven by the fear that any aspirant will oust him from his position simply because he was in Jubilee, a party that is not popular on the ground in his home tuff? It was going to be hard for Governor Lusaka to jostle for gubernatorial seat in Jubilee party as he could have been portrayed as a traitor to the Bukusu people.To win the heart of voters the governor had earlier on organized a business summit in a bid to source investors to come and invest in his county. The event though was not a success as it had been anticipated.For, instant, the Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula who was among the invited guests never showed up. There was no clear reason as to why he missed the event.Meanwhile, it is being alleged that the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) co-principal and Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula is warming up for the gubernatorial seat something that is worrying Governor Lusaka.NASA a political wave that is on course is said to be destabilizing Jubilee party in Bungoma County.

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