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A middle aged woman thwarts a man’s dubious method of marrying her
By Nelson Mandela | Updated Jan 23, 2017 at 08:19 EAT

One woman in Tingolo village, Busia County has thwarted efforts of a man who has been trying to marry her against her wishes.

It is alleged that the woman only identified as Jane had been dating the said young man only identified as Ouma, but she had no intentions of marrying him.Sources privy to this story further reveal that the Ouma hatched a plan to marry her secretly by leasing two cows to her parents, which he would later use as a dowry. Unfortunately Jane was tipped off by one of her friends and when he presented the idea she turned the offer down.

According to her neighbor John Otao, Mr. Ouma has been a frequent visitor to his in-laws to be.

“He has been coming over to convince her parents in order to succeed in his secret mission” he said.

He further added that Jane has cautioned her parents against being duped into such a deal and also warned Mr. Ouma of trying to blackmail her parents.“If he thought his ill intention of marrying me will succeed I am sorry for him” she said to her parents.The future of their relationship is unknown as the duo doesn’t see eye to eye after the incidence.

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