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5 Romantic Traits of Arsenal Fans
By Marende William | Updated Nov 19, 2016 at 14:38 EAT

I have closely studied Arsenal's legions of fans and I tell you that Arsenal fans, especially those with the trappings of middle class success have something special about them. The Manchester United fans will experience a twang of jealousy hitting them hard after reading this. Let me take you through some of the inherent traits of Arsenal fans acquired during these years of 'drought'.


Ardent Arsenal fans seem to be religiously practicing the English parlance that patience pays. Can't you see how they are patient with Wenger, the Prof? They exercise their anger with restraints on players and Wenger. The people close to their heart. Crest-fallen, shoulders hunched they will be, but never, never will they lose hope of next season. We have seen EPL feeding them with lemon year in year out, but their dreams never sour. Talk of patience. They can apply this trait when waiting for you to arrive during dates. They can still do well with the waiting for you to wear make-ups before you set for ‘outs’. You have not made up your whether he's the one, there's no cause for worry lady, he will religiously be patient for you to decide. And when you have just started dating and you feel that it's not time to get down, the son of Wenger will surely wait.


I mean the club with some of the best looking players. Well-shaven and well combed. And their jazz! Reveals their pectoral that leaves ladies wowed whenever they appear on screen. You see ladies screaming, it's not the dribble or the fantastic on target shot, but these looks. Their coach will never lose his cool. You see him celebrating with dignity and well restrained. A man of chivalry indeed. Arsenal fans are likely to sweep you off your feet with their romance. Some fans across the world who ape Wenger mannerisms would attract hordes of admirers.


 They will put a spirited fight to cover your follies. They will throw around a slew of excuse to cover their team’s dismal performance, injury here and unfair referee there. They have imbibed the stamina to defend their top four and Wenger's obvious flaws. Anytime they have a new signing into the club, they will lionize him with hymns of praises. They will go ahead to confirm to you with magnetic confidence that they will bagging the title. Due to this unbridled defense, they will defend your weakness to anyone. Your follies and inadequacies will be well managed too.


Littles known titles that Arsenal have made is always etched firmly in their minds. And they yap about it. They will take a walk along memory lane to remind you of...2006 Champions League and the goal scored by Theo Walcott. They won’t trade that memory for the anything in this world. They will remind you of titles they bagged centuries ago. Ladies sulk when their boyfriends forget their birthdays. This however, never happen with the sons of Wenger. Your birthday woes are solved. They will also keep their memory and remind you the date for 'injections' if you have been avoiding the labor.


In an attempt to drown their frustrations of constant losses, whenever Arsenal is floored, they will always be out savouring pleasures. On occasional days when Arsenal wins, their celebrations will hit glass ceiling. A conclave of Arsenal fans will be seated in a corner. As soon as the invincible scores, they will thunder a howling jubilation for the whole world to cover their ears.

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