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Isolation agenda will ruin Tanzania’s economy
By Richard Miriti | Updated Sep 01, 2016 at 21:43 EAT

It is true to say that Tanzania is a hostile country towards Kenya’s economic advancement. President Magufuli since inception, has not only pursued hostile policies towards Kenya, but it is apparent he has had no interest of even stepping his feet in Nairobi for any key meetings meant to strengthen East African Cooperation. Having clearly shown no interest in strengthening East Africa Common market, Magufuli depicts the mistrust that brought down the EAC during the cold world war. Isolationist policies will not torpedo Tanzania into greatness but economic regression as we know it.

Magufuli economy is largely backed by grants and subsidies from the West. The infrastructure of Tanzania is in dire need of a second look. Magufuli has time and again cut the oxygen of the media by shutting down media houses that highlight his failed policies. The future of Africa is not hostility to other African neighbors but a walk together towards a desired end of mutual economic benefits.

Kenya has lost key economic boosters meant to bring Africa as one nation, thanks to Tanzania’s president. Thousands of Kenyans helping boost Tanzania educational sector have been shut off their jobs by being denied work visa’s yet the ‘undugu’ leaning president has nothing positive to show economic wise. Travelling by road when you can fly is an old public relations reality show but changing the lives of Tanzanians through sound economic policies is the only sure way of showing your strength as a president. You cannot develop your economy by closing out your immediate neighbor; Africa is geared towards destroying the barriers that separate us.

Kenya’s president has travelled the world almost more than the former secretary of State Hillary Clinton but his diplomacy and deal making travels have put Kenya’s economy beyond reach of many African States. President Kenyatta visits and invites who is who in the world and in turn visits by foreign dignitaries have left a print in direct foreign investment and better cooperation for Kenya. President Kenyatta during his visit to the United States requested president Obama to issue longer visa for Kenyan citizens, now Kenyans can visit United States with a five-year multiple visa. The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg knows where his world social giant company can learn and spread the wings. This is why the Zuckerberg is in Kenya.

President Kenyatta runs for office as an inductee at the international criminal court. But his friendship with African Union made Africa stand with one voice during his entire trial and acquittal. President Kenyatta doctrine has been a non-confrontational one. President Magufuli can decide to live in dark of old days or embrace the spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding. The choice of the two has its own consequences in the twenty first century. 

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