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Are men wearing skinny jeans at the risk of infertility?
By Christine Opanda | Updated Aug 31, 2016 at 10:51 EAT

The skinny denim jeans have become a fashion trend in men. Many men prefer to put on skinny jeans so as to look trendy and sexy. The skinny jeans will make you look good and all that trendy but it has its own side effects.

Skinny jeans are putting men into the risk of painful testicle and bladder problems. The jeans may make you look trendy and swagish but they put you at the risk of urinary tract infections, bladder weakness and twisted testicles.

The skinny jeans have also been associated with low sperm production and fungal infection; this is because they cause an increase in the temperature of the testicles. Low sperm count and production lowers your ability to impregnate a woman. So if you are a lover of skinny jeans, just know that the more you wear them the more you lower your ability to become a father.

Skinny jeans give no room to move and so the spermatic cord that holds the testicles in place can twist around the testicle testicular torsion and cut off its blood supply. This condition requires immediate surgery to avoid permanent damage or removal of the testicle. Apart from this being painful, it also lowers a man’s libido.

Although it is not yet scientifically proved that skinny jeans may cause infertility, it is better to stay clear of dangerous fashion complications. Make sure there is enough room for movement in your jeans and you will not risk the danger of low sperm count and painful testicles.

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