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How to shave your way into a girl’s heart
By Mzangila Snr | Updated Aug 20, 2016 at 09:30 EAT

A few years ago,a friend of mine confessed to me that he thought I was eating healthy. I could see him look at me with admiration every day we met. His eyes always showed inferiority whenever he bumped unto me, something that never happened with his other mates.

This dude hails from shagz, somewhere where the rules of the game are different. When he showed up at the varsity, he discovered that it was tough impressing ladies; something that perturbed him. Back at the upcountry, all that a man needed to ‘box’ a woman was a well-built body. Healthy and well-built bodies were a sign of strength. Something that translated to the ability to take care of a woman, bearing in mind that in shagz, manual work is the order of the day.

At the varsity, the dimensions of ‘boxing’ a girl were quite exotic. Ladies looked prettier and had polished lifestyles. The lingo was also unusual. They carried themselves around with a lot of high esteem, unaware of his stalwart frame. A tough world for him.

It was not until last year, in his third year, that he asked me why things were going south for him in the dating world. Asking me tricks, he honestly declared that he was jealous of me because I was able to date any woman I desired. It was not a shock to me because at one time I used to be in similar shoes. I had long, terrible days then.

At that stage when he confronted me, I truly understood his predicament.

‘You seem to have easy time with girls. What is the secret?’

As you can witness, looking good is part of the package to impress a girl. Everything communicates at face value. Appearance might not be everything but it is something to consider worrying about.

Many of us, men, do not understand that cleanliness is a very important aspect in life. More often than not, we are drunk by this innuendo that has been channeled all through that mwanaume si kungara, ni kuchapa. Since men want to gang up and prove to the world that men are just men, and that they cannot change, we absolve ourselves from the real facts. We send messages that men are just men, and being disorganized is just being manly.

Living by the status quo can be perilous. At times you may not be aware of the content or rules of that game. Such blind discipleship can make one a slave of an ungrateful master.

I am glad that the modern man has carved out ways, escaping from the status quo of what being ‘manly’ is. Such men deserve a tick, and a pat on the back for such a stride.

The modern man dresses well. He has this fine taste for fashion and finesse in looking good. All a man needs in life is looking good and living well.

Women, having metamorphosed so fast, want men who they can show to the world. A handsome, young and vibrant guy. Someone who is full of life.

Here is the thing, looking good can enhance your confidence. And confidence is what every man needs.

Apart from getting it right in fashion, hair and face grooming is also important. Checking into that kinyozi and getting a good shave can earn you respect not only among your peers but also striking a great impression among the ladies.

Men are known to overlook the importance of investing in your hair and beard. A well groomed beard and well-trimmed cut can give you a pretty, bright outlook. All you need is to spare 200 bob, check into a barbershop and ask him to give you a signature cut that fits the shape of your head. Experienced barbers understand their job. Once they look at you, they already know what to serve you from their menu. Do not be afraid of trying out different styles to get what fits you.

Some barber shops do facials. This service can treat your wrinkled face. It can heal your acne. At the same time, you can get free head and face massages. Who doesn’t like them? All these courtesy of one forfeited bottle of beer. How cool is that.

This is known as shaving your way into a girl’s heart. Looking good, as I said earlier, bolsters your assertiveness. You can do anything in the world, provided you have the courage.

From here, go ahead and chase after that girl you adore. She might not like you at the moment, or say instantly, but the power of your looks will definitely woo her back to you. She will come back gushing into your arms.

That signature look from an executive barber can be the savior you have been waiting for.

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