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I am looking for my sweet Andy
By Adoh Steve | Updated Aug 10, 2016 at 08:37 EAT

When I first met Andy, I knew that God had finally answered my prayers. He was everything I ever wanted in a man, tall dark and handsome just like in the novels. He was soft-spoken, and had this bewitching smile that I found irresistible.

Talking about our teenage fantasies where every other chic in our small groupies always dreamt of dating the likes of Brad Pitt. We visualized a tall, charismatic man with an athletic body accentuated with well-shaped strong legs.

“Hello gorgeous?” He said as he stretched his broad gentle hands for a handshake, crowning it with a broad smile that exposed impeccably white well-arranged teeth.

 ‘Hey!’ I did not know what to say after that. His bewildering handsomeness was making me speechless. Being a gentleman he quickly sensed the awkward state that his charm was putting me in, he swiftly took my half stretched hand, gave it a peck and helped me rise from my seat, the rest is history…and that is how our 8 months relationship culminated into the woes am going through now.

 He was my perfect Romeo, I was love struck, being a party animal, Andy made sure that I never missed any major event that was in town. During our first dates Andy made sure that I enjoyed everything that his world could offer, if its taking me and my friends out, he did so without complaining, I felt so proud to have him to the extent that I thought my friends may be jealous of me.

When the deal is too good, think twice. After 6 months, I needed to know where he lived, who his friends were, his parents (if he did not have a problem with that)…but my sweet Andy said we still need more time to know each other. ‘Ok Bae’ I did not want him to see am rushing things.

Eight months down the line I got pregnant and thought this was quite a ‘‘good news’’, I wanted to tell him the day he will take me to his crib or maybe after meeting his parents, I smiled to myself.

What sometimes surprised me about Andy is the fact that whenever he came to pick me up from my apartment he would always be in the company of a lady, each times a different one. I did not care if the ladies were anything to worry about, he would not have come to pick me up with them.

After having one too many drinks, I decided to ask him once more when he would take me to meet his parents and to see his apartment, I was tired of the lodgings he was taking me to or the sleep overs he came for in my house.

I now had his baby and had the right to ask to know my in-laws and my hubby’s house. Surprisingly he agreed to pick me up the next day to know his place and his parents! That night I decided to tell him I have his baby in me, a month now, and this was through a phone call.

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 ‘Bae, guess what?’ I said with a giggle ‘What?’ he intoned with his deep sexy voice. ‘I am pregnant with your child, a month old now!’ I dropped the bombshell, expecting a congratulatory remark from my sweet Andy.

‘Wow! I am so happy sweetie…I can’t wait to meet you tomorrow!’ then he hanged up! That was odd! I decided to call again but the line was dead! Maybe his phone went off, I consoled myself. The next day the line was still dead for the whole day, night and the day after that. I cried, I broke up with him five times in my head, we made up, damn! I was going crazy! With no contact to reach him, no friends to look for him through, I only had pictures! For months the futile searches for my Sweet Andy wore me out until after eight months I gave up!

 I recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and named him Andy, up to now I still wonder where my Andy went to, did he disappear because of the baby? Did he have ulterior motives right from the start? Sometimes I shed a lot of tears on my pillow, because everything about my baby reminds me of him. I keep on wondering how many Andy’s are out there, how many ladies he has left with his baby. In as much I have a million reasons to give up looking for him, I am still looking for my Sweet Andy.

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