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Nairobi city is filthy
By enock mukila | Updated Jun 13, 2016 at 08:21 EAT

Nairobi is a magnificent city where every Kenyan anticipates to tour. However, the pungent smell from burst sewages, rotting diapers, stagnant waters and haphazardly dumped garbage is disturbing the comfort of Nairobians.

Hygiene remains pristine in our esteemed lives and I am astonished because Nairobi City County is not giving it a top priority. Stroll around the Nairobi CBD and by having a glance you may have an impression that you are walking in one of the tidiest cities on planet earth. Contrary, this is a long term dream to be achieved. Apparently, just step in to Muthurwa market and areas far away from the city and you will get vivid images of what I am talking about. These are areas which have been neglected by the city council and rarely are there any workers to attend to the stinking streets.

Burst sewages can flow profusely for more than one day without being repaired. Alleys have been converted to urinals and street boys have the guts to relieve themselves in broad daylight. Unfortunately, vendors sell food stuffs, fruits and vegetables near these gruesome sites oblivious of the health hazards they are exposing the consumers to.

There is no need of cleaning the city center streets which are residences for a few and leaving the majority battling for their hygiene. I hereby beseech the county officials to wake up from their deep slumber and work relentlessly towards cleaning the city. The city council collects hefty taxes from Nairobians and they have a right to live in tidy places. The filthy state may trigger outbreak of lethal diseases.

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