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Who will marry the increasing number of single mothers in Kenya?
By Nelson Mandela | Updated May 17, 2016 at 16:00 EAT

Today, it is common to see school going girls giving birth at an early age. Initially, conceiving while still under your parents care and unmarried was a disgrace to the family. Many culprits would often keep off social functions due to shame and not many would dare risk to be seen with such a girl. They were less marriageable than their counterparts who had no children. Many of these young girls are either standard eight drops outs or form four leavers. Is the society quietly giving in to this trend? Where girls can now comfortably and openly have kids at their parents’ home and no questions are asked?

Today, chances of young girls getting pregnant before marriage has gone up. This becomes a very hard task for any man who doesn’t want to fall victim of raising another man’s child.

According to Dennis, a shoe shiner in Migori town, he believes that many men are unlucky because of the increasing number of single mothers.

“Nowadays it is hard for men because many women have kids early in life before you meet them” notes Dennis.

He further argues that the trend is increasingly posing a threat to the future generations where getting a ‘clean girl’ for marriage will be a hard nut to crack.

Most shockingly, there are girls who have gone to the extent of having more than two kids with different men while still under the roof of their parents. According to Anne, a mother of two and a victim of such, many men have become irresponsible and run away immediately they impregnate their girlfriends.

“Women often find themselves in these situations unknowingly because some men are irresponsible and will often run after learning that you’re pregnant” explains remorseful Anne.

She further emotionally narrates how she dated two different men, fathers of her two sons who later dumped her after impregnating her. Her agony is that potential suitor shy away after learning about her two sons from previous relationships. Furthermore, she is afraid getting into a relationship at the moment due to bad experiences in her previous relationships.

Although the trend is slowly but steadily finding its way into the rural areas, stakeholders need to step in lest we risk having a generation of many fatherless children.

Morality amongst the youth should be preached on a daily basis in order to have a society that is morally upright.

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