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6 things an attention-seeker campus girl does

In every campus there is a group of ladies that you will definitely identify the first few hours you will be in that specific institution. Some will be seen walking sluggishly like pregnant serpents either to or from their classes.

As much as many will be noticed for their struggles and may be the few achievements that they have made within and without the campus, some will want to be spotted for unimportant reasons. For instance, there are a number of ways you can point out an attention-seeker campus girl.


First and foremost, the manner in which she dons will tell you a lot. An attention seeker will choose to plait crazy bold hairstyles. She may dye her hair red, yellow or blue. She will wear skimpy, unfinished clothing with screaming colours that will make her easily identifiable in a crowd or from a far.

Her make-up is overdone in that she uses a lot of lipstick, wears large earrings, bangles, necklaces and applies too much powder on her face. Generally, her dressing code stands out from the majority. Passers-by may end up staring at her grotesquely.


Communication can be both through the way she carries herself and the manner in which she speaks and interacts with fellow scholars. A number of these type of girls will be twanging more so, when communicating in English intentionally.

At most times, their utterances will involve a lot of pride and boldness. They talk as if they know it all; the language is their first and last. Sometimes they may overrule a discussion with their fellows and hardly ever employ turn-taking. They talk too much nonsense. 

In addition to that, the body language can involve walking styles, the way she composes herself whenever in a midst of a large group of people. This type of girl will employ every tip to distract people whenever she passes.


It can be smart phones and laptops. She will always be seen with the latest phone and most times, she would rather carry it in her hands instead of keeping it in her handbag. She will remove it whenever she is in a crowd of people to chat and maybe make calls; even when the calls are unimportant.

She is here-there

She will be identified in most crowds of people. It is rare to miss seeing her in some of the gatherings in the school. Moreover, while in the gatherings, she tends to do something attention-seeking like setting her prestigious ‘mega-smartphone’ in a loud ringing tone. It can be that she just wants to make her presence known.

Class Attendances

She will be the last individual to class at most every day. In a number of occasions, she will enter when learning is in progress. Furthermore, she ensures that her attires trigger off some attention in terms of the height (shortness) and colours (screaming). She always interrupts the lectures with her noisy heels either when she enters the class late or when she walks out to pick a call.


She will laugh hysterically when something not really funny happens. Her character is undefined since today she is that awesome girl but tomorrow she is a total stranger.

Some may have the habits of discussing a lot about their lives and family. They will always give themselves a social class that will exclude most.

But for her, she can still do a lot just to seek attention, not knowing that sometimes attention is like pride which comes before a fall.