Learn from Obama about drug use

Drug abuse in Kenya has always been a major issue especially among the youths in their 20s. Currently the country has been faced with several other challenges and therefore the focus on drugs in the country is much less now compared to the fore years.
However this does not approve or give chance to the youths to abuse substance. Nacada has always played an important role in control of drug use, headed by the most known Mututho who with no fear or favor have boldly challenged alcoholism. Their efforts and other bodies cannot go unnoticed but we as individuals and youths of this country, have a bigger role to play in this issue.

Obama abused drugs in his young age, he says in his speech to California tens that, he didn’t have a dad in the house and was angry about it but never realized if he really was “I made bad choices I got high without thinking about the harm it would do" he adds that he never took school seriously as he should have. Obama grew up in an environment that was a little bit forgiving as he remarks, so whenever he made a mistake the consequence was not as severe, around him were people who always encouraged him, that is his mother and grandparents, wonderful teachers and community leaders who always pushed him to work hard and make the most of himself, there are times he could not listen but they always said it again and again and gave him chances repeatedly "they never gave up on me" he therefore never gave up on himself either and strongly believes every child deserves as many chances as possible.

Many youths have wasted their lives away through drugs, directly or indirectly; overdose and accidents just to name a few among the list. Peer influence and hopelessness has made the reach to drugs much easier and difficult to tackle with. Young youths need to be resilient, and not give up so that they can overcome obstacles no matter which. It does not count where you come from or the circumstances in which you were born, if you work hard and take responsibility then u can always make it in whichever the endeavor.
George Obama who is Obama’s half-brother is a self-confessed ex gangster from Huruma slum, well known as mamba in the resident, the worst he ever did is armed robbery.  He was also addicted to drugs and has no reason to recent because they chose different paths in lives with his brother Barrack Obama. In an interview with Cable News Network (CNN) he broadly remarks “we are different with my brother because of the worlds we live in, but that’s the way I had chosen in young age.” With chances he has taken responsibility and had a change in life and no longer involved with the criminal life.

Kenyan youths have a lot to learn from the Obamas. To be addicted only takes a fortnight and from there henceforth once life is endangered by the risks of drug abuse. The responsibility lies within each individual decision making and abstinence. As much as the society we live in today is forgiving we need to practice self-control and responsibility in the chances we get from those around us. Drug may post pone the problem at hand but will never and has never been the answer to any problem.