Street children

  • Hawking and street children a threat to security in Nairobi, say police

    2 months ago
    Police have advised the Nairobi County Government to deal with hawking and street children menace, to address rising cases of mugging in the city.
  • Rising number of street children in Samburu raises concern

    2 months ago
    The rising number of street children in Samburu County is raising concern amid the caveat placed by the government
  • 120 adults residing in Eldoret streets arrested

    3 months ago
    A multi-agency operation in Eldoret saw 80 children rescued from the streets. The minors were taken to a rescue centre.
  • Street children start church to fight drug abuse

    3 months ago
    Amidst overpowering stench, street families gather here to pray before breaking out to scavenge.
  • Bright street children dream beyond waste

    3 months ago
    They have been rummaging for recyclable waste to sell and raise fees for boarding school.
  • Two street children who excelled in KCPE scavenge for plastics to raise fees

    3 months ago
    Two street children who defied all odds to excel in this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education are unlikely to join their dream schools next year due to lack of fees.
  • Street boy who chose to die for his friends

    4 months ago
    He was speaking with his girlfriend when he heard screams from Sosiani river, he jumped into the roaring waters and saved two boys, then drowned.
  • Daring street children a threat to city residents

    6 months ago
    Stories abound of bold street boys attacking people, especially women, snatching their bags and even sexually harassing them.
  • Why more boys end up on the as street children than the girls

    1 year ago
    In most cities and towns, there is this group of marginalized people who spend a greater part of their lives on the street
  • Let's protect street children, they are not punching bags

    1 year ago
    The International Children's Peace Prize winner simply known as Kesz had this to say of street families: “I grew up on a dumpsite where nothing is clean. My family had adopted the living style of garbage collectors. Life was not fair at all since sewage canals were our bathing and relaxing zones."
  • Joseph Njoroge: Former ‘chokora’ rescuing boys from the streets

    1 year ago
    I have since rehabilitated 108 street boys and placed them in various schools in Ngong. We host 28 of them in the centre.
  • Students teach street children American football

    1 year ago
    The JKUAT Sparrows, a team of American football players from the university’s Juja campus recently held an event at the Nairobi University grounds where they trained street children to play the game.
  • The public considers street children a nuisance

    1 year ago
    The street children are a group of people that have greatly been marginalized since they are a forgotten lot. The public considers them a nuisance in the society without getting their part of the story.
  • Show street children love and care

    1 year ago
    During President Barack Obama's tour of Kenya last year, street children were nowhere to be seen.
  • We are tired of cleaning chokoras’ poo daily- Nairobi's businessmen

    1 year ago
    Nairobi businessmen have lamented City Hall's failure to move a group of street boys who have turned their premises into a lodging and toilet.
  • Government must remove street children from our towns

    1 year ago
    Although Nairobi has been ranked among the best cities to invest in, the growing numbers of street children and beggars negates that image.
  • News put on the quicksand of sound bites and quick-fixes

    2 years ago
    Two events with striking differences dominated news these past two weeks. They illustrate the changing nature of journalism and the complex future ahead.
  • Sodomy is real in Kisumu

    2 years ago
    They are usually dirty, they eat bad food, they wear torn clothes, and are usually smelly. We call them chokoraas, while foreigners call them streets children. We never want to associate with them in any way. When important people come to the country we carry them like bags of potatoes and hide them because they bring shame. How shameful of us to treat street children without dignity and respect. For Christ sake these young people are human beings. When they cry out loud we turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to them. No one knows what young male street children go through every single night. While you sleep in your king size bed, a young male street child is being sodomized by an elder male street child. On Friday evening a young male street child (age 12) approached me near Tumaini shopping Centre in Kisumu. He looked weak and wasn’t walking properly. I could tell something was wrong. He borrowed 10 shillings so that he could go buy mandazis but I was reluctant at first. The young boy
  • Family planning can help solve the problem of street children in the country

    2 years ago
    The number of street children in urban centers in Kenya is on the rise. Most of these children end up in streets due to neglect from their parents. It has been proven that majority of these children actually do have and know their homes and parents and most of them come from nearby slums. One of the main reason why we have children on the streets is because of poor family planning. Sex is usually an entertainment tool for a poor man. They are always idle so they have plenty of time to mate Most of the poor people do give birth to plenty of children because they lack hope. They don’t know if their kids will survive in the harsh environment that surrounds them. Poor hygiene and lack of health care services reproductive health included, makes their children prone to being attacked by diseases so they end up trying their luck by having many kids in case one dies there will be another to replace the dead one. Through this process they end up having many kids that they are unable to take car
  • Street children need to be loved, not treated like thugs

    2 years ago
    Reports of the county governments of Mombasa and Uasin Gishu arresting streets children to 'clean' or 'clear' their metropolises are shocking.