Start Up

  • Businesses you can start with Sh.5,000

    1 year ago
    Starting a business takes the right amount of creativity and money. Here are a couple ideas to get your next venture booming
  • I started a business with just Sh75

    1 year ago
    What would you do with an extra Sh80 that you had left over at the end of the day? This is the question Elizabeth Wambui found herself contemplating in August 2011.
  • Protect ‘jua kali’ sector from exploitation

    1 year ago
    The importance of wealth creation in this sector is key to the attainment of Vision 2030 goals. Going by estimates of the Economic Survey 2017, about 7.4 million jobs were created in this sector by the end of last year. This represents 89 per cent of the country’s total jobs, because the formal sector only accounts for 856,000 jobs.
  • So you want to open a butchery? Here’s what you need to make it happen

    1 year ago
    Butcheries have become qite common in Kenya, driven by a growing demand for meat. Despite their popularity, there is still money to be made. Heres how ot get a slice of the action as told by those in business.
  • Five business pitfalls every start-up can avoid

    2 years ago
    Having engaged with more than 200 youth groups running businesses in the country, I can confidently say that a majority of start-ups fail due to avoidable issues, which can be addressed before the business starts.
  • Why failure has got start-up scene excited

    3 years ago
    Jua Cali stands out for being one of the country’s highest-paid musicians, and for managing to spin off his talent into a career that includes a clothing franchise and millions of shillings in endorsements from popular brands like Coca-Cola and Orange.
  • How a doctor built a Sh1 billion lab empire

    3 years ago
    Resilience: The facility started five years ago by Dr Ahmed Kalebi with less than 10 patients a day, today serves more than 1,500 patients daily at 40 branches and service points