Compassion International Kenya unveils inspiring findings in annual report: Empathy in action transforms lives

We have had the privilege to work with our Frontline Church Partners across the country with whom we shared many of the same heartaches and victories - yet remained resolute in ensuring that every child is known, loved, and protected.

Throughout the year, we focused on several priorities essential to advancing our mission of ‘Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.’

Working closely with our 466 Frontline Church Partners, we supported over 136,000 babies, children, and youth across 31 counties to implement a holistic child and youth development program that addresses the unique needs of individual program participants and local issues.

We are excited to have graduated 8,273 of our program participants during the year, having been disciplined and equipped with education, training, and life skills to engage as empowered citizens.

The current global food crisis, caused by extreme weather patterns, impacted over 4.2 million people in the northeastern parts of Kenya and the Horn of Africa.

It has directly impacted 196 of our Church partners in multiple ways. In response, we supported over 46,000 families with food packs, water, and cash transfers to cater to their immediate needs.

The lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war led to rising inflation and poverty rates, further exacerbating the situation of people already facing food insecurity.

Our response has been two-fold. In the short term, we are meeting the urgent nutrition needs of children and their families while working towards sustainable, long-term solutions to help them achieve food security and build resilience.

We recognize it is a task that requires all hands on deck, and we are keen to leverage strategic partnerships.

Compassion International Kenya is grateful for the invaluable contribution made by our supporters, church partners, staff, and program participants (babies, children, and youth).

We also acknowledge the contribution of key stakeholders, including the support from various government agencies and other strategic partners.

We believe that together we will continue to advance the achievement of important life outcomes for the registered program participants and release them from poverty in Jesus’ name.

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