Football set to change with the introduction of new rules

By Brian Murumba: Tuesday, March 5th 2019 at 12:43 GMT +3 | Football
The FIFA president Gianni Infantino chaired the 133rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Aberdeen  [Courtesy]

Football has undergone many changes since it was started a long time ago.

In recent times, we have seen the inclusion of technology in the name of VAR and Goal Line Technology.

The changes have always been met with resistance upon introduction but the football world so far has had to put up with the alterations made by the management of the beautiful game.

Yet again, the game is set to undergo numerous changes in terms of rules governing it.

The world governing body FIFA and International Football Association (IFAB) have passed seven rules that could change football as we know it.

International Football Association Board (IFAB) held its 133rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Aberdeen, Scotland where the rules were discussed. [Courtesy]

Here are the rules:

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The penalties rule

The goalkeeper is only being required to have one foot on the line during a penalty kick.


Team officials receive yellow cards or red cards

Verbal warnings are being scrapped and replaced with the cards for team officials involved in misconduct.


Removal of players and barriers

The rule will require the players to be at least a meter away from the opponents’ barrier to avoid interfering with the opponent’s defence.


What happens if the referee interferes with play?

If the referee gets in the way of play, the game is stopped and resumed with the possession given to the rightful team through a dropped ball procedure.



The ball not having to leave the penalty area at goal kicks and defending team free kicks in the penalty area.


The handball rule

Handballs will now lead to severe punishment in football. The rule will penalize every handball mistake done be it voluntary or not.


The substitution rule

Players will be allowed to exit the pitch at any point upon substitution or red carding.


The new rules are to be implemented by June this year.