Simon Kabu's love gesture to wife Sarah on 13th anniversary

Simon Kabu surprises his wife on anniversary. 

Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu hired viral Tiktoker Moya David to surprise his wife with flowers and personalized dance moves as a gesture of his love on their 13th wedding anniversary. Sharing the experience through social media, Moya said he had to fly to Mauritius to surprise Sarah Kabu on her flight in the middle of the night.

"I had to go all the way to Mauritius for this! How was it out of 10?" asked Moya David. 

Speaking to his wife through a heart-to-heart speech, Simon stated that they chose to do this life together 13 years ago on the shores of Lake Naivasha, saying it has been a journey of dedication and commitment.

"Sarah… 13years ago, a day like today… on the shores of Lake Naivasha, we both did it! It has been 13 years of dedication, commitment, hard and smart working and most importantly God's blessings starting from the kids, the businesses and companionship," said Kabu.

Kabu reassured his wife that he would continue to support her and be the husband he vowed to be, adding that his wish was for them to grow old together and still in love.

"As we celebrate our anniversary just know that, you are not only my partner on crime but the mother of my kids, my business and bed partner. Surprise after surprise… May be remove our last tooth together," he added.

Still speechless, Sarah said that Kabu's gesture stood out and acknowledged that she was utterly emotional as she expressed gratitude towards her husband for the move.

"Wueeeh… I always see other people being surprised and I cry with them but yesterday was my day to cut onions. Thank you @kabusimon for the many surprises but this one was so emotional. It was a surprise dance by @moyadavid1 onboard @officialkenyaairways during a suprise anniversary trip to #mauritius the couples paradise thank you," she wrote.

A while back, Sarah narrated how the two met, saying her greatest memory while dating Simon was when he tried to surprise her with a marriage proposal, but she messed it up.

"Maybe what I remember is that his engagement proposal idea failed. We had organized a Valentine's weekend getaway to Amboseli and his plan was to engage me at the top of the observatory hill in Amboseli. He woke me up for the morning game drive and I was cramping, do you know I refused. He begged me and even knelt down but I refused. I didn't know that he wanted to propose," she said.