High Court issues arrest warrant against two senior police officers

The High Court in Eldoret has issued warrants of arrest against Chief Inspector Paul Biwott and Corporal Andrew Limuli. [iStockphoto]

She stated that the accused had been assigned a firearm by Corporal Limuli- the officer in charge- to work on patrol on a fateful night.

The court heard that Ndege had instead gone back to his house within the police station line and shot his wife multiple times - on the head, stomach, and thighs, killing her on the spot.

"The rifle had been loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition at the time it was given to the accused officer. However, 19 rounds were recovered after the incident," the officer stated.

The court also heard that the couple's 12-year-old son who is a key witness in the case was also present during the incident and was not injured.

"According to the son's statement which I recorded, he was taking supper with his mother when his father arrived and sprayed bullets at his mother. We found four spent cartridges in the house and seven of them outside the house," Sergeant Cheptoo recounted.

During the previous hearing, Cosmas Ingosi said that after the incident, he had called the OCS who disarmed Ndege.

"I was at the report desk for my night duty when I heard several sounds of gunshots emanating from the police line. I waited until the noise subsided for fear of being caught up in the shooting, only to learn that my colleague had used his gun to kill his wife after a domestic row," said Ingosi.

The case will come up for mention on June 5, and the hearing on June 21, when more witnesses will testify.