Jubilee wrangles: Kanini Kega faction kicks out Uhuru Kenyatta as party leader

In his replacement, the team named nominated Member of Parliament Sabina Chege as the acting Jubilee Party Leader.

"By operation of section 6(1) of the Presidential Retirement Benefits Act, the former party leader [Uhuru Kenyatta] ceased to hold office as Jubilee Party leader in March 2023. The office of the party leader is hereby declared vacant and Sabina Chege will be the acting Party Leader of Jubilee," said Kega.

His remarks come days after Kenyatta is said to have held a meeting with some Jubilee members including David Murathe on April 28, 2023.

In the said meeting, the party leader had issued resignation letters for some of the members, an action that Kega claims to be political misconduct.

"Any communication from him [Uhuru Kenyatta] cannot bind the party and is of no legal consequences. His misconduct issue is hereby referred to the National Disciplinary Committee of the party for further action," he said.

There has been a division in the Jubilee Party with some of its members supporting Jeremiah Kioni, and others, Kanini Kega.

On Tuesday last week, Jubilee was ordered to vacate the premises they use as their headquarters after Kioni and Kega's supporters clashed over the party leadership.