Baba's Bondo retirement that never was, and the prospects of new gig as AU boss in Addis

Opposition leader Raila Odinga. [Collins Oduor, Standard]

We were promised that opposition leader Raila Odinga aka Baba would be deposited somewhere in Bondo for his much-anticipated retirement.

Now I hear they want to send him to Addis to take the helm of the African Union. By them I mean the UDA administration.

But Baba has said his nomination to the AU has nothing to do with UDA.

He has, he said in so many words, better-placed friends who have more sway in the continent, and he paraded former Nigerian Prezzo Olusegun Obasanjo, also known as Baba, when he addressed the Press on Thursday.

His office said should the UDA Government, which operates under shareholders’ Articles of Association, decide to support his candidature, that would be a mere formality.

That means Riggy G cannot emerge from out of the blue and say he got Baba a job. In any case, Riggy G’s standpoint has not changed, at least not publicly, so if Baba gets himself a continental gig, local networks cannot take responsibility.

But that’s not my problem. If men of Baba’s age are still getting jobs, and he didn’t need to press a laptop, as Prezzo Bill Ruto keeps urging the youth to, and wait for a miraculous trickle of dollars from the keyboard, why can’t young people secure proper jobs in government?

I read somewhere the Namibian IT minister is a 28-year-old woman and apparently, she has been serving for a few years as an assistant minister. The leaders of tomorrow, it appears, have taken charge elsewhere but our homeland.