MP Gogo to EACC: Arrest Osoro over bribery claims

Rangwe MP Lilian Gogo during Saba Saba demonstrations in Rangwe town on July 7, 2023. [James Omoro, Standard]

Rangwe Member of Parliament Lillian Gogo has challenged the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to arrest National Assembly Speaker Majority Whip Silvanus Osoro.

Gogo said the EACC should not act blind and deaf to the claims that Osoro and the ruling UDA party bribed MPs to get numerical advantage for the passage of the controversial Finance Bill 2023.

The South Mugirango MP on Friday confessed to the dirty tricks the Kenya Kwanza side used to woo their Azimio counterparts including arm-twisting them through bribery to get advantage to pass the controversial Finance Bill which is now an Act.

Speaking during a UDA member recruitment in Kitutu Chache South, Osoro said the government spent a lot of money to manipulate Raila Odinga’s side to stay away from the parliament during the critical vote.

“I had to look for ways by hook or crook to get the bill through. I had to manipulate systems, looked for ways to get the other side play our tune, including conspiring with them to stay away of Parliament,” he said.

According to him, while some were sponsored for trips abroad, others were instructed to fake illness.

In her response to Osoro’s claims, Dr Gogo said they amount to crime and malice and should not be let under the table.

Speaking in Rangwe town when she led her constituents in a demonstration to mark Saba Saba, Gogo said Osoro’s comments should not be taken lightly.

Gogo who was accompanied by Kochia MCA Michael Nyang’i, ODM chairperson in Rangwe Constituency Caroline Owidhi alongside other leaders, called on the EACC to arrest the MP so that he can be put to task on whether his allegations are true or false.

She said the comments discredited Azimio and Parliament as a law making body in the country.

“I am calling on the EACC to arrest Osoro as quickly as possible. He made comments showing he abetted corruption in parliament. The comments are against the constitutional requirement that a leader must be of integrity,” she said.

In the probe, the MP wants Osoro put to task to reveal names of MPs he bribed with the amount of money given to each of them.

“Where did Osoro get the money for bribing the MPs at a time when Kenyans are suffering from the high cost of living? There are a few questions he must answer. How much did he give each of the MPs and who are they?” she said.

She stressed that if Osoro fails to answer the questions, he will be deemed to have defamed Azimio MPs.

“If it is established that what he was saying was untrue, we are going to sue him because he cannot taint reputation of Azimio in that manner,” she added.

The MP called for respect among legislators to enhance peaceful co-existence and to protect the integrity of parliament.