Siaya DG Oduol denies threatening Alego Usonga MP Atandi

A group of youth who protested over Siaya Deputy Governor William Oduol's alleged death threats against Alego-Usonga MP Samuel Atandi. [Isaiah Gwengi, Standard]

Siaya Deputy Governor William Oduol has denied threatening Alego-Usonga MP Samuel Atandi.

Oduol who is currently embroiled in a leadership row with Governor James instead accused his detractors of trying to malign his name and said he believes in politics of peace and tranquility.

“I cannot by any means threaten a fellow leader's life. Probably the only threat is that there are people who are trying to block me from unearthing corruption in the county,” he said.

The claims emerged following an audio clip that has been doing rounds in social media, with Oduol allegedly claiming that the lawmaker had escaped his trap and that he will still teach him a lesson.

The allegations sparked uproar from a section of Atandi's supporters, who called on police to act and arrest the deputy Governor.

The supporters, who held peaceful demonstrations in the streets of Siaya town on Monday, said a probe should be launched into Oduol's death threats.

But while appearing before the County Assembly over claims of misappropriation of funds by the executive, said these were mere diversionary tactics to shift people’s attention from the main issue.

“Our people should focus on the evidence that I presented to the county assembly. Any other thing is cheap politics,” he said, adding that he will not be cowed by corruption cartels.

He claimed there is a scheme to kick him out of the county government by people he has blocked from enriching themselves using county resources.

Oduol, who presented documents to the Assembly last Friday, pointed an accusing finger to some greedy county employees, whom he claimed have plundered county resources.

The strained relationship between Governor Orengo and Oduol has exploded in the open over the past few weeks, hardly six months after they were sworn into office.

The acrimony has escalated into a public war of words, with Mr Oduol even facing impeachment threats.

At the centre of the verbal confrontations are corruption allegations and ideological differences in the management of county affairs.

Atandi has been among the group calling on the ouster of Oduol on grounds that he latter is fighting him because he is a close allay to the governor.

“I supported Orengo and he always consults me whenever he wants to do something. It is this that has not gone down well for some people who now accuse me of being behind their ‘ woes’ said Mr Atandi.