Man who killed his wife sentenced to 40 years in prison

Man behind bars [Courtesy]

A man found guilty of killing his wife has been sentenced to 40 years in prison.

George Morara, 50, was found guilty of killing his wife Jessica Moraa and dumping her body in a pit latrine in Nyamariba, Kisii County.

Justice Rose Ougo of Kisii High Court said the court had considered all the evidence tabled before it, which showed that Morara killed Moraa, the mother of their four children.

“This court has decided to sentence him to serve 40 years in prison with a right of appeal given to him within 14 days,” ruled Justice Ougo. 

The judge said a probation officer report presented before the court indicated that the accused person was a nuisance, a thief, a murderer, abuses drugs and an extortionist.

Justice Ougo said the probation report further showed that family members of the accused person wanted nothing to do with him and that releasing him or giving him a non-custodial sentence would only cause more harm to the community.

“The accused person is a serious offender whose release will be harmful not only to his family but the entire community. He deserves a stiff penalty to serve as a lesson to others with similar intentions,” ruled Justice Ougo.

Ougo also noted there was no proof that the accused person suffered from a terminal illness as alleged in his mitigation.

The defence counsel for the accused person Shafin Kaba had pleaded with the court to be lenient to his client since he suffered from a terminal illness and had reformed since he was arrested and held in custody.

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