Teenager rescued from premature marriage

A 13-year-old girl has been rescued from early marriage in Homa Bay County.

The class five pupil who schools at a primary school in Suba Sub-county reportedly went missing last month.

The girl disappeared from her parents' home at Suba East sub-location and got married to a man at Kibwer Sub-location in Gwassi East Location.

The teenager was rescued by her headteacher and area assistant chief.

The headteacher and the assistant chief wrote a letter to her brother who reported her missing sister. The brother hinted that he knew where the girl was.

The chief then went and terminated the marriage before returning the girl home with her brother.

“Her brother reported to me that the girl had been married. I wrote a letter which was accompanied by that of the area assistant chief. I am happy that she is back home,” said the headteacher.

It is reported that the girl was impregnated by a different man before she opted for the marriage.

The man who allegedly impregnated her is a resident of the village and also a businessman. “The man who impregnated her is a fellow villager. Communication has been made to the relevant authorities about the first defiler,” the headteacher said.

Suba South Deputy County Commissioner Joseph Maina said police were conducting investigations to ensure legal measures are taken against the suspects.

“We have handed over the matter to the DCIO Suba to investigate and ensure people who are culpable in this matter are brought to book,” said Maina.