Think beyond sex - YY advises content creators

Comedian YY [Instagram]

Oliver Otieno alias YY Comedian has cautioned existing and upcoming content creators against building their brand on vulgarity and erotic content.

Sharing his two cents in a recent post the funny man explained that too much vulgarity will more than likely bar organizations from working with an individual, therefore, locking them out of big meaningful deals.

“I’m not in a position to advise anyone however, if you are an upcoming/ existing content creator, avoid vulgarity or too much sexual content…. underline too much. They will lock you out of so many doors and limit how many jobs you can do. They will give you publicity without money,” he wrote.

He went on to advise content creators to therefore be aware of what they put out as brands sample their work in boardrooms before deciding to reach out for a job opportunity.

“If you can’t earn from what you do as a career, it becomes pointless. Remember they first play your stuff in a boardroom before contacting you,” he added.

This is however not the first time YY has dropped a few nuggets of wisdom for netizens.

The father of one recently advised his brother Mulamwah to consider sorting out his differences with his ex-girlfriend privately instead of involving everyone on social media for the sake of their child, a move many fans commended.

“Bro if I were to tell you the things girls have done to us, you would save your dark tales and take the L ...Don't soil your present with the past however painful it can be, enjoy and embrace what you have now. Give time, time you are building a mansion now and if you want to experience peace in it empty your chest…”

Just a few months ago YY was hailed for his advice to single mothers after revealing his troubled childhood.

“I want to advise single mothers out there, if you have a job in the city and then you lose your husband, don’t go back to the village, because you will be told to go back. Usiwache ile biashara ama kazi unafanya uende kuanza Zero kwa village... because you are going to put your children into so much, because you want to pleasure the village…I believe so much that if my mother continued with her business in Nairobi there are things labda singepitia. Tumelala njaa, tumepitia a lot and all this is because she stopped what she was doing because she was told don’t go back to the city,” advised YY.