Akothee describes what mental illness feels like, gives tips to those affected


Businesswoman Akothee has taken to social media to speak about mental illness and the effects it has on people.

In the lengthy post shared on her Instagram, the Lotto crooner stated that the condition, which causes serious disorder in a person's behaviour and thinking, has been on the rise since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Mental illness is the most dangerous disorder anyone would like to experience, it’s very rampant today especially after COVID-19 when most people had to figure out who exactly they are. The drastic change in your moods are dangerous in one's life,” she wrote.

According to the vocal social media influencer, mental illness can be triggered by various factors; living conditions and the types of relationships and interactions one has. As a result, an individual tends to withdraw from daily human interactions and in some cases suffers sleeplessness and excessive tiredness.

“Mental health can easily be activated by your environment, the people you relate with and even your relationship. The feeling of uncertainty, not sure of what next and what to expect, may drive you into sleepless nights and excessive tiredness. When you have less sleep, your brain stops functioning and you automatically go into an autopilot mood.

“This feeling makes you desperate because you realize you aren't yourself and you can't do much. Your energy is completely drained and even almost not possible for you to breath. You lose motivation in everything and everything in life seems like an attack. You become extremely violent and unreasonable,” she added.

Coping tips

As a way to cope with the condition, Akothee went on to advise her fans to change a number of things in their lives so as to regain their happiness. In serious cases individuals should consider seeking professional help.

“Please if you ever feel like this start with changing.

1.  Your environment

2. People you associate with

3. Look into your relationship (is it build you or draining you)

4. Place of work (are you surrounded by toxic people, toxic boss)

Please don't hesitate to quite that what will bring misfortune to you. It is NOT A MUST. Remember, you can't do well if you don't feel well. See a mental health specialist.”