DCI officers arrests 41 in suspected oil siphoning racket

DCI officers arrest 41 in suspected oil siphoning racket. [DCI]

DCI officers have arrested 41 suspects believed to be members of a siphoning syndicate at a yard on Lunga Lunga Road in Nairobi.

During the raid, five tankers with 6,000 litres of petrol and 17,020 litres of diesel were found recovered together with four generators, 30 drums, siphoning pipes, and jerrycans.

According to the detectives, two petroleum trailers were loaded with petroleum products, but their three compartments were without security seals.

A car loaded with 50 litres was also recovered with documents found in one of the trailers revealing that the fuel was from the shell depot destined for the New Gatitu Shell petrol station in Thika.

“Detectives have arrested 41 suspects found trading in the illegal business at an undeveloped yard behind Shell petrol station off Lunga Road, Nairobi. Five tankers found at the site where over 17,020 litres of diesel, 6,110 litres of petrol, four generators, 30 drums, siphoning pipes and jerrycans were recovered have also been impounded, with DCI Crime Scene Investigators and the Energy and Petroleum,” read DCI’s statement.

The arrest comes amid efforts to curb the increased cases of siphoning in the country.

The suspects are to remain in custody awaiting arraignment on Monday.