Speeding to blame for Southern Bypass accidents, KeNHA says

KeNHA has urged motorists to observe the road signage to avoid causing accidents.

The Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) has absolved itself of fault after several accidents and fatalities were reported on the Nairobi Southern Bypass.

KeNHA, in a statement on Wednesday, October 4, said road signage was installed on the Southern Bypass, after reports emerged of newly erected bumps causing accidents and resulting in death.

The Authority confirmed that indeed a section of the road is undergoing maintenance which includes sealing cracks that emerge as bitumen ages.

"Motorists are advised to heed the signage installed along the road warning of ongoing works and fresh, loose chippings. It is unfortunate that despite the signage, several motorists don't comply with the speed limits," KeNHA Deputy Director of Corporate Communication Samuel Kumba said.

According to the Authority, various measures have been taken to slow down speeding motorists including the installation of temporary bumps made of quarry dust to safeguard the completed works.

"High speeds, through fresh section of chipping, would lead to loss of chippings thereby compromising the quality of the finished section," Kumba added.

High-speed lovers have also been warned that any attempt to brake a vehicle at high speeds would lead to skidding.

The statement comes hours after Kenyans took to social media to castigate KeNHA for allegedly not marking the busy highway leading to several fatal accidents in less than 24 hours.