Muheria: Heavy taxation a big burden for Kenyan households

The archbishop stressed the need for comprehensive solutions that go beyond unilateral decisions.

"I urge the government to prioritise finding alternative means of addressing the cost of living rather than relying solely on squeezing an already struggling public. There should be a more equitable distribution of resources," he said.

On matters climate change, Muheria highlighted the importance of taking concrete actions following the recently concluded Africa Climate Summit.

Muheria acknowledged the significance of the summit, and emphasised that it is crucial to go beyond mere celebration and fully implement the resolutions that were made.

"It is our responsibility as Kenyans to care for our environment. Individuals should show their commitment to environmental conservation and nurturing future generations by actively defending and preserving our natural surroundings," he said.

As a testament to this commitment, the Nyeri Archdiocese has initiated an ambitious tree-planting campaign with a target of 10 million trees.

"We in the Archdiocese are planning to plant over 10 million trees within the next one or two years, and we hope more stakeholders will come on board to aid in the conservation of the environment," he said.

Muheria emphasised the need to prioritise legislation that supports conservation efforts. He highlighted the recent lifting of moratoriums on tree cutting and urged the government to reconsider this decision.

"The government should develop laws that clearly define the proper procedures for tree harvesting, ensuring that it is done in a sustainable and responsible manner. We need more stringent laws on the conservation of our environment and water catchment areas," he said.