Raila Odinga returns: What will be the bomb at Kamkunji?

Karua argued that it was within the commissioners' rights to denounce the results.

At the time, the Azimio team argued that the government had side-lined the needs of the citizen and had resorted to rewarding allies and those who lost in the previous election, with positions in government.

With the ordinary citizen battling a harsh economic environment occasioned by inflation and high cost of living, politics has now taken a different turn with both the government and opposition settling their scores on the election issue.

President William Ruto has been at the forefront of weighing in on the election issue where he is on record praising outgoing IEBC chairperson Wafula Chebukati and his team for defending what he called an attempt to subvert the people's sovereignty through bribes and threats.

The president alleged that there was a plot to kidnap and murder Chebukati during the last general election.

Both the president and Azimio now have the uphill task of restoring public confidence and calming the storm around the election issue by providing credible evidence about the allegations dumped in the public domain.

The IEBC whistleblower Raila will talk about alleges that more than 1000 unauthorised users were given remote access or full access allowing them to edit JPEG Forms 34B using Microsoft Word or other programs before converting them back to PNG or PDF and uploading them to the public portal.

However, Karua has argued that the only way to get to the bottom of the election conduct is for IEBC to open its servers. Servers essentially store, send and receive data.

"As citizens, we have a right to information, the truth lies in the servers. Those doubting the whistle-blowers' data should demand servers be laid bare.