Pakistani officials seek answers over slain journalist

On October 26, Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif announced that his government had dispatched a team to Nairobi on a fact-finding mission on the death of the journalist.

Some of the unanswered questions include why a vehicle believed to be carrying a kidnapped child would be hit with bullets, and why there was no chase if the shooting was to stop the car.

The Pakistani officials include Director of the Federal Investigation Agency Athar Waheed, deputy director general Omar Shahid Hamid and Lt Col Saad Ahmd from the Intelligence Bureau.

Sharif's mother had accused the Pakistani government of the murder.

Sources told The Standard the team from Pakistan was met by acting Inspector General of Police Noor Gabow at his Jogoo House office.

On October 31, at Jogoo House, the Pakistani delegation was briefed on the circumstances that led to the shooting of the journalist.

The Kenyan officials then arranged meetings between the Pakistani delegation and other government officials, including staff from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and Ipoa where more information was provided.

On November 1, the joint investigation team toured Magadi Road, where the shooting took place, for further investigations.

The delegation from Pakistan was however not allowed to interview the GSU officers and their commanders in Magadi.

The decision to bar the Pakistani officials from interviewing police officers linked to the incident or even visiting the GSU camp in Magadi seemed to upset the officials, according to the sources.

"We don't have a mutual agreement between them and us that would allow us have access to such areas and material that they may have wanted," said the source.

Acting IG, in a letter to Islamabad maintained that the shooting of Arshad was accidental.