Pakistan deploys team to probe journalist's killing

Sharif was confirmed dead on Sunday night following a shooting incident in Kajiado in what police termed a case of mistaken identity.

GSU officers, who were responding to a distress call from their colleague in Nairobi, shot at the vehicle that Arshad was traveling in after the driver reportedly defied orders by the police to stop.

Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said the three individuals would file a report on the death of the journalist. Last Monday, the PM announced he had called President William Ruto over the shooting and that Ruto had assured him of a transparent investigation.

Manning roadblock

The National Police Service, in a statement, said officers manning a roadblock on Magadi Road mistook the vehicle that Sharif and his brother Khurram were driving for that of kidnappers who had committed a crime in Nairobi.

Police in Nairobi on Tuesday revealed that a motor vehicle reported stolen from the parking in Pangani estate and which is now at the center of the controversy involving GSU officer and Arshad was not stolen as earlier believed.

Police have established a businessman's 26-year-old son, who was earlier believed to have been abducted and was inside the vehicle, drove his father's car from the parking without the authority of his parents. The white Mercedes Benz, which has since been recovered and towed to Pangani Police Station. Sharif died of a single gunshot wound to his head. The journalist was in a white Toyota V8.

It was only after the two GSU officers, who had erected a roadblock using stones, had fired at the vehicle that they established it was not the car they had been tipped about.