Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif shot dead in Kenya, police say he failed to stop at a roadblock

Sharif, 50, was opposed to the ongoing political developments in Pakistan and it is not clear if his death can be linked to his stand.

He was currently working on an investigative documentary titled 'Behind Closed Doors' that also featured Investigative and award-winning Kenyan journalist John Allan Namu.

"I am sorry to hear about Arshad's death. I was interviewed for the documentary but he and I never met or worked together," Namu confirmed on Twitter.

Independent Policing Oversight Authority, (IPOA) Chairperson Anne Makori has also promised a thorough investigation into the brutal killing of Sharif.

"We will conduct independent investigations into the incident. We have already dispatched our team of investigators to the scene adn we are looking forward to their report,' Makori told journalists at a press briefing on Monday, October 24.

The International Huma Rights Foundation also took to Twitter demanding for thoroough investigations into the incident.

"Claims of "mistaken identity" are not credible. The procedure is to immobilise the vehicle or intercept it at a later stage & repel hostilities (if any) by firing on hostiles. Non-violent passengers should never be shot at. Demand investigation. #ArshadSharif," the rights body said in a tweet.