I want to reclaim the soul of Kenya, Musalia Mudavadi

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi launched his presidential bid. [Screengrab KTN News]

In a passionate speech, Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader, Musalia Mudavadi, has disclosed his reasons for seeking to be a president of "a corrupt and broke country."

Addressing the ANC national delegates conference at Bomas of Kenya on Sunday, Mudavadi explained that he desires to lead the change back to economic prosperity saying he has ‘clean hands’ and knowledge.

“I want to lead the journeys to reclaim the soul of our country and offer trust. To lead change back to economic prosperity, offer trust, to tell the truth, do what I say and not promise what I can’t do,” Mudavadi said.

He added, “I have travelled with people who messed up and when given chance to redeem themselves, they still end up in their old mischiefs,”.

While launching his presidential interest in the upcoming elections, the former vice-president has poked holes with loads of criticisms aimed at the Jubilee government’s performance.

Ironically, the Deputy President who was in attendance could be seen applauding the attack on the government he serves in.

‘It is business as usual when dead bodies are found in gunny bags dumped in rivers, where is the government? Where are the handshake partners?” he posed a rhetoric question.

The party boss also condemned the handshake and the once-opposition chief Raila Odinga for staying quiet during injustices.

‘Everything is normal. Those who should care are engrossed in political preservation as we struggle with depression, violence, huge debts, crippled education system,” he said.

Then went on, “Today, the government is about formalised corruption and budgets for corruption where one has to be aligned with the president for development when there is devolution,”.

He also explained his reason for choosing Sunday, a unique day for political events, as the day he would launch his interest in the country’s top job.

“My choice was deliberate because today we gather to mark the turning wheels of the history of our country. We are at a turning point where the story must turn,” he said.

He added, “Sunday is a day to make sacrifices and renewal. We are here to renew ourselves, find a fresh path, define and aim greater loyalties. We have begun a journey to end personality cult,”.