Unapologetic prisoner says he will escape again

Moses Mutinye in the dock at a Kiambu court. [George Njunge, Standard]

A prisoner was on Monday arraigned at a Kiambu court for escaping from lawful custody.

Moses Mutinye, a Ugandan, is alleged to have fled on July 13, 2022, before being re-arrested.

The man working on a prison's farm behind Kiambu Police lines when he escaped from the watchful eyes of prison warders Alex Chunzira and Daniel Thiong'o who were guarding.

But unrepentant Mutinye told senior principal magistrate Manuela Kinyanjui that he would still escape if a second opportunity presented itself, claiming he was tired of doing garden work. 

"Your honour I was imprisoned but I was not told to work in the prison garden. These officers have often been taking me to the garden and that is why I escaped," Mutinye stunned the court.

Mutinye insisted that his rights were being violated by prison authorities he accused of forcing him to do manual work on farms. 

"Your honour if they take me back to that place, I will still escape am tired of doing garden work," maintained the Ugandan.

Mutinye was sentenced to three months in prison at the same facility for contravening section 123 of the Penal Code.