Mathew Lempurkel charged with hate speech

Former Laikipia North MP Mathew Lempurkel. [Mose Sammy, Standard]

Former Laikipia North MP Mathew Lempurkel has been charged afresh with hate speech.

Lempurkel is accused of making hateful remarks by uttering abusive and threatening words towards members of the Kikuyu community on a television show aired by Maa TV on July 17, 2021.

He is alleged to have said, “…kure opa kulo tung’anak oji larei ne marginalise yiok, ilkokoyo, surely, meeta toki naishori yiok...” words which translate to.... “those people known as buffaloes [sic], marginalized us, kikuyus surely, nothing to be given to us...” Words that are alleged to have fueled ethnic hatred in Laikipia.

In another count, the former MP is accused that on the same date while on the TV show, he uttered words that may have led to racial profiling and threats against members of the white community. He allegedly said, “... kiata na kule ashumba aota ilchambai kituak kake enyamali ang’ na ngujit ake kiata.” This can be directly translated to, “We have white people who have vast lands ...”

These words are also said to have caused ethnic differences in Laikipia.

Lempurkel denied the charges before Milimani Law Courts Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi.

His lawyer requested that the court maintain similar bail terms as issued when he was charged for the first time about four months ago.

In his ruling, the magistrate noted that the accused has been attending court and collaborates with the investigators, therefore maintaining his cash bail of Sh150,000.

The matter will be mentioned on February 16, 2022.