Police thwart plot to rob Nairobi CBD bank at dawn, five arrested

The five suspects had booked themselves into a guest house located near the bank. [File, Standard]

Police today arrested five men accused of plotting to raid Prime Bank in Nairobi’s central business district.

Authorities said they received a tip-off from a member of the public that the suspects had booked themselves into Angle House on Ukwala Lane within OTC area.

“DCI officers and police established that the five were waiting to conduct their raid in the wee hours of Friday [today],” police said in a report filed at the Kamukunji Police Station.

Police ambushed the suspects a few minutes past midnight before they could execute their plot.

Each of the suspects was identified by one name only. They are Mulo, Muderwa, Muriuki, Mungai and Njuka.

“Njuka had already cut the ceiling and hid in it upon noticing the presence of police officers,” the report said.

Police recovered three hacksaws, a rope, a metal driller, five metal bars, a metal cutter and a suitcase.

“They were targeting Prime Bank, which is located in the same building. The bank shares a wall with the guest room, where the five had sought accommodation,” said police.

An identification parade will be conducted today at the Kamukunji Police Station.