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Esther Passaris faces eviction from her Kitisuru residence

City business woman Esther Passaris is embroiled in a land tussle that could see her kicked out of her Kitisuru home.

Passaris yesterday reported to the police that ten unknown youths stormed her home and began to cut down her hedge.

She said the men claimed to be acting under instructions of the new owner.

“This land matter is in court. I don’t understand how someone could claim to have bought it, yet its title deed is also still deposited at the bank,” she said.

Passaris said she is an interested party in the land case. But a city lawyer representing the new owner said the land was bought a couple of months ago.

“The property has been sold to my client and transfer process completed,” said the lawyer.

The lawyer said Passaris was now a tenant of his client and issues of her tenancy would be dealt with according to the law.

“No one is evicting her, but we shall advise her whether to proceed with the tenancy or not. She also wants the property but it cannot be verified at the registry,” said the lawyer.

Passaris said she had paid rent for September and October. “How can it be true that they bought the land in July when I paid rent in October,” she said.

She, however, expressed shock at the manner in which the purported owner had demonstrated disrespect for her and the police. “These youths came here and begun cutting down the fence.

The police moved in and warned them to stop destroying the property until the matter is resolved,” she said.

“They came yesterday and started cutting the fence. This is sheer disrespect to me and the police”.

She said courtesy demands that procedures are followed in lodging certain complaints. The fate of the youth who were arrested remains unknown although police said they had not charged them and that  they would be released.