Joseph Muchemi, 64, prescribes cassava to improve men’s libido

Joseph Muchemi sells the ‘stimulant’ to his clients. [PHOTO: PKEMOI NGENOH]


NAIROBI, KENYA: Man Jose is well known at Nairobi’s Railway Bus Terminus by matatu drivers. He ensures that these men are not ashamed when it comes to bedroom matters.

He is an elderly man.

Joseph Muchemi from Mweiga in Nyeri County, just two kilometres from retired president’s Mwai Kibaki’s village sells cassava at the Railways bus terminus claiming that that is a secret remedy for weak men in the bedroom.

“This is my contribution to ‘arming’ my fellow men on how to ‘fight’ bedroom shame instead of emerging from the ‘war’ disappointed and not receiving applause from their wives,” he told The Counties.

On the particular afternoon The Counties spotted him, drivers milled around him waiting for their turn to receive the medicine. From a distance, one would mistake him for legendary reggae artist Burning Spear or the late Lucky Dube for his dreadlocks.

He says: “Many people tell me I resemble Burning Spear, others say Lucky Dube. It is these dreadlocks that cheat many that I am a Rastafarian but I kept them because I was raised up during Mau Mau period.”

Born in 1950, Jose has spent most of his life in the city doing small businesses, but he began handling ‘male cassava’ in 2000 when he discovered that it is a natural booster which could turn his fortunes in the city.

“I use the cassava almost daily and I know the secret. Many of my customers also call me or come back to report good results after chewing them raw as I advise them”

It’s for this reason that whenever he shows up at the terminus drivers and touts flock his cart to chew raw cassava expecting results latter.

“I have tried the old man’s cassava several times and I can truly say it works. But we only eat the fleshy part and leave fibres at the centre which causes stomach-ache when swallowed,” Peter Karish, a matatu driver told The Counties.

City health expert Dr Naph Obare says:

“Cassava is one of the medically necessary stuff for a strong body, which translates to better performance, so we cannot rule out the possibility it improving libido”

Currently living in Kaberia, the old man purchases his cassava from as far as Machakos and city markets including Githurai and Muthurwa to satisfy high demand from drivers and other Nairobians.