Kikuyu and Kalenjin dominate jobs, says PSC

PSC chairperson Margaret Kobia. [Photo: Courtesy]

Majority of those who were employed and promoted in the public service in the last financial year came from Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities.

The annual report prepared by the Public Service Commission (PSC) for the 2016-2017 financial year, which was released in September, last year, shows that 13,041 employees were either appointed or promoted last year.

Some 5,181 were new entrants while 7,860 were promoted from their previous grades. Those hired came from 27 communities.

The report shows that at the Interior ministry’s Immigration Department, out of 1,496 hired, 286 came from Kikuyu community, 200 from Kalenjin, 174 from Luhya, 146 from Luo and 124 from Kamba.

In the Interior department, out of 390, Kalenjin were 75, Kikuyu 73, 41 from Kamba and 35 from Luo.

The report shows that in the Prisons department's 2,668 new staff, those from the Kalenjin were 494 and 490 from Kikuyu. Others were 304 from Kamba, 234 from Luhya, 230 from Kisii and 203 from Luo.

Mining sector

Out of 68 hired in the last financial year in the mining sector, 13 were from the Kikuyu, while 12 each were from Luo and Luhya respectively and nine from Kalenjin.

In the Industry and Trade ministry, out of 84 hired, 10 came from Kalenjin , eight from Kikuyu community, eight from Luhya and seven from Luo.

Out of the 5,181 new entrants in public service, 3,197 were males while 1,984 were females.

At State House, out of 44 promoted, 17 were Kikuyu, eight from Kalenjin, six from Luhya and one from Luo.

The report also shows that out of 4,088 promoted at the Interior ministry, 882 were from Kikuyu community, 600 from Kalenjin, 339 from Luhya, 337 from Meru, 333 from Luo, 309 from Kamba and 282 from Somali.

In the prisons department, 162 from the Kikuyu were promoted and 128 from Kalenjin. Other promotions were 99 from Luhya, 92 from Luo and 91 from Kamba.

In the livestock department, out of 84 promoted, 26 were from the Kikuyu, 14 from Luhya, 11 from Luo and eight from the Kalenjin.

The report also shows that in the fisheries and blue economy department, out of 20 promoted, nine were from Kikuyu.

In the basic education sector, out of 541 promoted, 134 were from Kikuyu, 73 from Luo, 59 from Luhya, 58 from Kalenjin, 56 from Kamba and 54 from Kisii.

Immigration promotions

In the vocational training department, out of the nine promoted, three were from Kalenjin and two from Kikuyu, two from Kisii and one each from Kamba and Embu.

The report shows that in Defence, out of 85 promoted, 23 were Kikuyu, 10 Kisii and nine each from Kalenjin, Kamba and Luhya.

In Immigration promotions, 17 were Kalenjin, Kikuyu 15, Luhya 10 and eight each from Kisii and Luhya.

In land and physical planning, out of 150 promoted, 41 were from Kikuyu, 22 Kalenjin, 19 Luhya and 18 Luo.

At Treasury, out of 89 who were promoted, 27 were Kikuyu, and 13 each from Kamba, Luo and Luhya.